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Outdoor tiling project featuring large format travertine tile surrounding pool area and house. Pool parameter travertine capping provided rustic look, as well as the dry stone wall tiling. Sydney Tilers may sound like a large organisation but I am a sole trader who cares very much about delivering wall and floor tiling service to valued customers. I am a fully qualified, experienced and licensed wall and floor tiler with extensive experience in bathroom, kitchen and laundry wall and floor tiling as well as outdoor tiling including around pools, alfresco areas, entries, staircases and more. In addition I am an experienced travertine tiler, a tile that requires patience and extensive experience in working with travertine. I am passionate about creating a beautiful space using tiles, such as travertine tiles, and seeing the smile of clients’ faces when finished. There are many products out there that do not pass the minimum standards. We can assure you that the products we use are of the highest quality and comply with the standards. Sydney Tilers’ work is based on efficiency, use of only quality products and completing your project on time and within the clients’ budget.